Christian Journals

Our Christian Journals are beautifully designed, and we know you’ll love them! Women of Faith all over the world use our inspiring Christian Journals to help them strengthen their faith, improve their walk with the Lord, and find encouragement! Our Journals are for women of faith, and designed to aid you in writing down your daily thoughts, guide you through your prayer times, provide beautiful places to write down your notes from sermons, or help you in your bible studies.

Exactly What I Was Looking For!
Jennifer H.
"I had been looking for well designed and high quality Christian journals for a while, and I have to say that the ones I have been getting from Wellington Press are exactly what I was looking for!"
Absolutely Stunning!
Becca A.
"The Christian Journals that I get from Wellington Press have honestly become my favorite. Very well designed, perfect layouts with just the right amount of writing space, and beautiful illustrations. They are absolutely stunning!"
The Perfect Guided Journal!
Sammy J.
"Honestly, I have been looking for a guided prayer journal for a while now, but had been dissapointed by a few other publishers. When I got your "Women's Prayer Journal" it was the perfect guided journal, and exactly what I was looking for! Thank You!"

Types Of Christian Journals:

All of our Guided Christian Journals and Planners (almost all of them come with prompts and guides!), include uplifting quotes or scriptures throughout, and provide plenty of space for writing! The types of journals published by Wellington Press include:

  • Prayer Journals
  • Bible Study Journals
  • Sermon Notebooks
  • Christian Planners (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly)
  • Christian Gratitude Journals
  • Bible Verse Journals
  • Bible Verse Notebooks

Most of our journals provide enough journaling pages to last about three-months, although a few do provide enough to last four-months depending on the type of journal it is.

Two Christian Journal Sizes:

While a lot of Christian Journals are published in the typical 8×11 format, we got feedback saying that these were often “to big to carry around". As such, we decided to primairly focus on creating what we term “easy carry" journals. These are made in the 6×9 size so as to more easily fit inside of purses, or carry around during fellowship! 

We also found the 6×9 size format was a lot easier for a lot our customers to hold and write in while they were sitting (for instance while sitting during Sunday service, or during a prayer meeting).  So while most of our journals are in the 6×9 size, we also publish a few in the 8×11 size.

However if you love one of our 6×9 journals, and would also like to see it in the 8×11 size format, please let us know! We want to make sure we best serve the wants and needs of our customers, and are always looking for feedback, so please don’t be shy about reaching out to us and sharing your thoughts!!