Christian Planners

Our Christian Planners are beautifully designed, and we know you’ll love them! Women of Faith all over the world use our inspiring Christian Planners to help them organize their daily lives while strengthening their walks with God, building their faith, and finding encouragement! 

I Use My Planner Every Day Now!
Ester Y.
"I love daily planners, but was looking for a more faith based Planner. After reading about the Chrisitan Planners from Wellington Press, I picked one up from Amazon. It was perfect! I use my planner every day now, and absolutely love it!"
Really Beautifully Designed!
Morgan I.
"We all know that not all planners are created equal lol but I have to say that the planners I got from Wellington Press (I got both the Daily planner and the Monthly planner) were really beautifully designed!"
Reccomended It At My Prayer Group!
Holly P.
"I'm someone who definitely cannot live without my planner, and it's been a true God-send when it comes to keeping me organized. I really loved the thoughtful design, beautiful illustrations, and perfect scripture verses. Thank you guys so much for making these! God Bless!"

Types Of Christian Planners:

All of our Christian Planners include uplifting quotes and scriptures throughout, are thoughtfully designed with intuitive layouts, and provide plenty of space for writing! 

The types of planners published by Wellington Press include:

  • Daily Planners
  • Weekly Planners
  • Monthly Planners

Planner Features:

Allthough some of our planners have different features (see the descriptions for each planners) most of our planners have:

  • Welcom Page
  • Personal Information With Icons
  • 1 Page Yearly Overview
  • 1 Page With US Holiday (with section for notes!)
  • Scriptures and Inspirational Quotes Throughout
All of our Daily, Weekly, and Monthly planners come in an 8×11 trim size allowing for maximim writing space!