Halloween Mazes

By: Wellington Press

Wellington Press Presents: Halloween Mazes!

This Halloween Themed activity book for kids (ages 4-8) contains 30 pages of fun Halloween Themed mazes, to keep your little one’s zombie food … ahem, sorry, we mean “brains” engaged!

(See what we did there … it was a zombie joke … cause Halloween … zombies … ok, obviously we’ve had a little too much candy today. But we’re so excited to release this book, so … NO JUDGY FROM YOU!)

These maze games go from easy, to medium, to hard …. to keep little brains engaged, giggling, and most importantly … having FUN!

Spooky Halloween Mazes min

Each Halloween Maze Games Comes With A Fun Little Story & Matching Graphics Like:

  • Help the baby ghost find his mother
  • Help the spider go to the biggest web
  • Where is my cat??
  • Help me “haunt” the zombies
  • Take the witch to her home

We hope your little ones will have fun and enjoy playing this fun book of Halloween Themed Mazes!

From all of us at Wellington Press, we wish you and your little ones … a Spooktacular Halloween!

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