Weekly Planners 2021

Our 2021 Weekly Planners are beautifully designed, with thoughtful and deatailed layouts we know you’ll love!

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What is a Weekly planner?

Weekly planners are simple, effective, and beautiful tools to help you in organizing your week. Whether it’s keeping track of important meetings, keeping you reminded of important errands you need to run, keeping track of a busy class/study schedule, or simply keeping track of a crazy activities schedule for the kids … using a weekly planner can help!

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Weekly Planner?

Some of the biggest benefits to implementing the use of a weekly planner in your life are:

  • Remembering everything you need to do
  • Keeping yourself organized
  • Keeping your time organized
  • Avoid missing meetings or appointments
  • Avoid forgetting to run errands
  • Remember that there is a kid that needs to be picked up from class
  • Remember that you are a kid that needs to get to class
  • Remember birthdays and holidays

Does Using a Weekly Planner Help?

Oh Yes. Once you start using this simple, but extremely effective, tool in your life … you’ll probably wonder how you ever lived without it! But don’t take our word for it, just look at the 10,000’s of thousands of reviews online from people all over the world who use weekly planners and absolutely LOVE them!

How Do You Use a Weekly Planner?

1. Plan Ahead:

You should set aside some time at the start of each week (we always recommend doing this 1-2 days before the new week begins), and write down all the important details, meetings, errands, activities, appointments, etc. that you have coming up over the next week.

2. Keep Your Planner In An Obvious Place:

Once you have filled out your planner, place it someplace that you will pass by often, and will be reminded to look at it. Some good ideas would be your kitchen, office, or night stand.

3. Read It Once Per Day:

A good way to make sure you are staying on track is to read your weekly planner … every day. We would suggest reviewing it first thing when you wake up, and read it right before going to bed, to keep your important plans and tasks … front and center in your mind!

4. Be Realistic About Your Plans:

One issue we see a LOT is people trying to cram to much into one week, in order to “fill out the week”. As you can probably imagine … this does not always work out like we hope lol … and girl, it’s ok to grab some tea and that bar of chocolate you’ve been hiding … and just chill out sometimes too!

Once you have written down all the things you want to do in your week, go over it again, and remove anything that seems unrealistic to actually achieve, or would cause you undue stress! The whole point of a weekly planner is to help you reduce stress … not add more of it!

5. Check Things Off:

It might sound simple, but the simple act of checking things off your “To Do List” (included in all our planners) will help you feel a sense of accomplishment, and with each new item checked off, that positive feeing grows! This helps you to feel better about everything you accomplished, as well as actually remember all the things you accomplished!

When you do your end of the week review … you might just be shocked at how much you actually got done!

I absolutely LOVE these planners!
Rebecca C.
"I love daily using planners and was looking for a fun new one to start using after somehow losing my last one. I found the Daily planner from Wellington Press on Amazon and throught the cover design was super cute. Then when I got it and saw how beautifully the interrior pages were made, I ordered the weekly and monthly planners as well! All I can say is that I absolutely LOVE these planners! Thank You!"
These Planners Are Freaking AWESOME!
Maggy W.
"Ok, so I've probably ordered every planner under the sun at this point, and I have to say, these planners are freaking AWESOME! The beautiful cover is what pulled me in, but then when I saw how beautiful the planner pages were, I was so excited! I have now purchased a few more of the planners for my mother and two of my daughters!"
This Was Exactly What I Was Looking For and More!
Mary-Beth J.
"I had been looking for a new monthly planner for 2021 and OMG I have to say this was exactly what I was looking for and more! I absolutely LOVE how you guys designed the inner pages and have enjoyed using this planner so much! Thank You!!"

2021 Weekly Planner

About This 2021 Weekly Planner: 

This elegant, modern, a feature rich weekly planner for 2021-2022 … was designed with weekly planner lovers in mind!

◆ This 2021 Weekly Planner Includes: 

  • Personal Information Page (With Icons) ✓
  • 2021 Yearly Overview ✓
  • 2021 US Holidays Overview ✓
  • Write-In Monthly Calendar’s (With Holidays!) ✓
  • US Holidays Shown On Corresponding Day's Page ✓
  • Alternating 3-days per page & 4-Days Per Page ✓
  • To Do List For Each Day (With Checkboxes) ✓
  • Notes Section On Every Page ✓

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2021 Weekly Planner