Zombie Coloring Pages

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 Wellington Press Is Pleased To Present, “Zombie Coloring Pages” (Vol. #1)!

Featuring thirty (30) totally cute designs of some friendly … but ever-so-hungry Zombies … these “just spooky enough” coloring pages were designed for kids (ages 4-8) that will provide hours of safe, child-friendly, coloring fun that will keep your little one’s zombie food … ahem, sorry, we mean “brains” engaged!

(See what we did there … it was a zombie joke … cause Halloween … and it’s a zombie coloring pages book … ok, obviously we’ve had a little too much candy today. But we’re just so excited to release this book!)

Zombie Coloring Pages Volume 1 min
Zombie Coloring Pages
Cute Zombie Coloring Pages
Zombie Coloring Pages For Kids

These Zombie Coloring Pages For Kids Are Fun & Scaarryy, and Contain:

  • 20 frighteningly fun Zombie Coloring Pages!
  • Designs are all printed one-per-page, and are all single-sided to help prevent “bleed through” if your little one decides markers are the way they want to color their new zombie friends!
  • All 20 designs come with a black-lined boarder, so once colored & cut, your little ones coloring skills can be shown off by being hung on a wall, put on the fridge, or hung somewhere else special … and they are already “pre-framed”!

◆ Are These Zombie Coloring Pages Child Friendly?

YES. Our books pass stringent quality checks to make sure you don’t have any, well, shall we say “unpleasant" surprises when it comes to the age appropriateness of the designs your little one will be seeing.

At Wellington Press, we don’t believe in “rushing to market", only to have to apologize later and re-publish our books … because a few of those “rushed" designs scared the living Beattlejuice out of our customers kids.

As an Indie Publishing House, and as a small business in general, your support in purchasing our proudcuts means the world to us! We believe that if we provide our amazing customers with great products, they will come to trust in our quality, and see what we as a company stand for. Our goal is to build great relationships and genuine trust with our customers, and hopefully in doing so, our customers will give us the opportunity to earn their business again in the future! ♥

◆ Are You a Real Company? If so, where?

We sure are! Wellington Press is a USA Based Indie Publishing House. We are headquartered in beautiful & sunny Scottsdale, Arizona!

(And yes, we really do have to use oven mitts when driving our cars in the summer lol #AZLife)

◆ Is There Anywhere Else I Can Learn More About You?

Yes! You can learn more about us on our website (WellingtonPress.io), or on our Official Social Media Channels (@WellingtonPressOfficial).

You can find us on:

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◆ If I Ever Have an Issue, Suggestion, Question, or Just Want to Say “Hey! We loved your Zombie coloring pages! : )" … Is There Actually a Real Person I Can Contact?

No … I. am. a. computer. (beep boo bop boo beep) … just kidding 😉 … and YES! We always love to hear from our customers, and welcome your feedback, suggestions, or a friendly hello! You can reach out to us via our Social Media, or for an even faster response, through the contact page on our website!

♥♥ From all of us at Wellington Press, we wish you and your littles ones … a Happy Halloween! ♥♥

Zombie Coloring Pages (Vol. #1)
Zombie Coloring Pages Volume 1 min

 Wellington Press Is Pleased To Present, “Zombie Coloring Pages” (Vol. #1)!


Wellington Press


Wellington Press


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